20 years in the IT market
A software which prepares raw data for further processing is called mediation or mediation engine. A lot of cases in this context the mediation means the whole procedure too that this software does.

The raw data may come from different sources (IOT device, telecom exchange, aviation control equipment, ...) and may have varied forms.

The mediation engine converts the input raw data to a common form that the legacy systems (ERP, CRM, billing, DWH, ...) can interpret and use. It is the main work of a mediation but it may have other important tasks such as data transformation and selection.

The ditm

is our high performance mediation engine software. We form it for years based on our experiences of this field. Predecessors of the ditm have being used successfully for more than a decade. We built a lot of useful features into the ditm in the meanwhile we have kept its high performance.

Outstanding features of the ditm
  • The application is optimized for speed and performance (multithreading, intensive memory usage, dynamic plug-in modules)
  • Unicode support
  • Running on unix, linux, windows platforms
  • Load up only necessary parameters from various types of sources (file, db)
  • Decoding/encoding parameters
  • Setting up own processes
  • Supporting different types of output (raw, text, binary) to different locations (file, table)
  • Simple operability
  • Easy way to track the processes

where you can use the ditm engine


If you hesitate that the ditm would be useful for you please contact us and we will think with you together to decide you need or do not need the ditm. If you are sure you don't need the ditm you should contact us too, because there are a lot of situation, when it is not evident to understand that the ditm would be very useful in the given circumstance.

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DITinform Ltd. was formed in 1997 to serve its prospective clients IT needs in a professional and high-quality manner, using the best available technologies. Over the past years of operation, due to the steady development of the company, nowadays we could focus our ditm product.

The ditm is an excellent mediation software engine that we are designing, developing and maintaining.

Due to our reliability we had the chance to gather huge experience in the mediation and software development fields. We know that professional reliability is only one part of our product and services and we must also excel in communication and adaptation to ensure our clients satisfaction and business success.