19 years in the IT market
Ditm is a high performance mediation engine software, capable of normalizing event records to a common format, allowing further processing.

The main fields where mediation engines are used
  • Event records preprocessing for billing, DWH or other systems
  • Log file conversion to some common format
  • Prepare data to make analysis and statistics independently of legacy systems
  • Auditing processes of legacy systems
Outstanding features of ditm
  • The application is optimized for speed and performance (multithreading, intensive memory usage, dynamic plug-in modules)
  • Unicode support
  • Running on unix, linux, windows platforms
  • Load up only necessary parameters from various types of sources (file, db)
  • Decoding/encoding parameters
  • Setting up own processes
  • Supporting different types of output (raw, text, binary) to different locations (file, table)


Program ditrating is a rating / pricing engine which aggregates system integration and development experiences to provide a scalable and flexible tool for the pricing of individual and bulk services. Ditrating is a JAVA based multiplatform engine which core component can be suited via its standard interface to a variety of IT structures. The effectiveness of ditrating is that every individual or bulk pricing / cost settlement task can he handled via it without the modification of the existing infrastructure.

The main functions
  • Online and standalone batch operation
  • Web based administrative interface
  • Web service API with various integration possibilities
  • Out of the box cooperation with our DITm product
  • Multiplatform-multinode support
  • Real time data processing
  • Product catalogue management
  • Individual product and generic product templates
  • Pricing planes, pipelines
  • Handling of usage limits
  • Time and volume based combined pricing structures
  • Sponsorship, client and product management
  • Standard reporting
  • Output for accounting applications
  • Handling of several currencies



DITinform Ltd.


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DITinform Ltd. was formed in 1997 to serve its prospective clients IT needs in a professional and high-quality manner, using the best available technologies. Over the past years of operation, due to the steady development of the company, nowadays our business covers nearly all segments of IT development. Now we have many years of experience in the IT side support and operation in all essential areas of business and operation process support. Due to our reliability we had the chance to gather such experience in both international and domestic environment. We know that professional reliability is only one part of our service and we must also excel in communication and adaptation to ensure our clients satisfaction and business success. The major foundation of our services is that our employees came from a variety of industries in the areas of programming thus enriching our business activities. Our deliberately built team gained experience from a wide horizon of industries, such as media, telecommunication, energy, and transportation, banking, financial, agricultural, and insurance to be able to provide the most effective solutions to our client’s needs. We are committed build up a long-term relationship with our clients and partners to ensure the continuous mutual success. Our client base includes large telecom companies, banks, private companies and bureaus from the public administration sector, all of them with very specific IT development needs.

Our assignments included specific IT services (mediation and rating/pricing) provided for large telecommunication companies (Magyar Telekom, T-Systems (both part of Deutsche Telekom group), Invitel etc..) which services outcome – an addition to customer satisfaction – still function perfectly, and today can be found in our product portfolio as DITrating and DITm.